Todos Santos is a slumbering pueblo from Baja California Sur
Featuring beautiful villas overlooking the ocean and art galleries, the weather here in Todos Santos is punctuated by the festivals that take place throughout the year and, unfortunately, the hurricanes that hit the area in September, shaking the tranquility of its few inhabitants.

Todos Santos: From The Jesuits To The Dominicans, Abandonment And The Agri-Food Development

The first settlers – as it often happened in Baja California Sur – were the Jesuits who built the Holy Rose Mission of All Saints in 1730.
After the expulsion of the Jesuits, Franciscans and Dominicans reached these lands, but after some vicissitudes, the mission was abandoned.
After the abandonment of the religious missions, the area experienced the flourishing of an interesting development of the agro-food sector from the mid-nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth, thanks to many sugar mills built for the occasion.

Discovering The Pueblo Mágico

In 2006, Todos Santos reached the rank of “Pueblo Mágico”, a particular denomination given to Mexican villages preserving their rural and cultural features of the local tradition.
The amazing feature of Todos Santos is its temperate climate.
It almost never rains – on average 151 mm of water a year, concentrated in summer and winter (August, September, December and January) – the average annual temperature is 24 degrees, which drops to 18° in December and January and rises to 31 in summer.
Sometimes during the year, it is possible to experience higher temperatures, near 33. When compared to La Paz’s weather ; 43°.

Todos Santos remains the “gringos” favorite destination, especially those who cannot endure the torrid summer of Baja California.

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