the immense Pacific Ocean

The coast of Baja California along the Pacific Ocean is more famous for its tourist activity each and every year rather than for its beauty and its long coastal landscape. You surely cannot miss it when traveling across this area.

Baja California, Pacific Coast: Whales, Sharks, Birds and Uncontaminated Nature

The Pacific Coast of Baja California, the Western coast, is the ideal haven for many animal species. And their beauty is a one-of-a-kind:
Grey whales have been coming around here for thousands of years, visiting the lagoons after traveling 10,000 miles, in order to find shelter from predators. They come here from January to mid April.
The long feared white sharks, moving North from Baja California, are a myth made of fear and amazement amongst tourists and locals.
The thousands of species of birds stopping here during the migrating season and the very rare endemic plants of this area, which you can find only along the coast, make the picture complete.

Pacific Coast In Baja California: The Biggest Salt Pans (Marshes) In The World

Not everybody knows, but the part of Baja California overlooking the Pacific Ocean hosts the biggest salt pan in the world.
Visiting it is quite an experience, a breathtaking view with it strong contrasts between the blue of the sky and the shiny white of the salty dines.
If you are planning your journey in Baja California, do not miss this experience!
Pacific Coast In Baja California: Fishermen Villages And Stretches Of Yellow Sand
All along the coast you will run into small and isolated fishermen villages, so typical of this area, whose residents are specialized in fishing lobsters.
Another distinguishing feature for this area is the enormous stretches of yellow sand, where the desert meets the sea. Surfers from all over the world love this area, having fun and performing their acrobatic numbers standing on top of the world-famous Pacific waves.
Transparent waters, coming from the depth of the Southern hemisphere, breaking and crashing at your feet, with currents providing an excellent sailing adventure along the entire coast of Baja California.

Pacific Coast In Baja California: Sea And Sunsets

The sea in these areas is not as enjoyable as the quiet Sea of Cortez. It is actually pretty dangerous, but there are places where you can cautiously venture into the undertow for a few steps and be wrapped by the coolness of its waters.
A wonderful feeling, especially in the extreme heat of summer.

The most amazing sea sunsets you can experience here in Baja are on the Pacific Coast.

It is definitely worth traveling a little more, mostly off-road, and be immersed in all its wonderful shades.
Trust me, you will never forget such a breathtaking scenario!

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