meet the wonderful whales of baja california

Meeting the Gray Whales (Eschrichtius robustus) in Baja California is one of the most beautiful experience you could have while traveling this territory, and maybe one of the strongest ever as far as nature is concerned.

Gray Whales: From The North Pole To The Waters Of Baja California

The migration of the gray whales starts 6,200 miles up North, in the cold waters of the North Pole in the Alaskan lagoons, and they end up in the warmer waters of the Baja California lagoons.
The lagoons in Baja have provided these large mammals with rest and refreshment for millennia, and their shape allows males to safely enter them.
All of this has been going on for millennia, although at a certain time we almost lost all of this.
From the thousands of gray whales coming to the California bays around 1850, only a few dozens were spotted after twenty years. An efficient protection for this area came only in 1946, protecting this cetacean and saving it from extinction.
Population in the Eastern Pacific therefore slowly began to increase, gradually reaching a more or less stable level of about 10,000 surviving whales.
Today, one can still behold the gray whales, renamed “California Whales”, which come here to give birth.

Whales Of Baja California: It Is Possible To See Them From December To April

The Gray Whales arrive in the waters of Baja California in late December, and stay here until mid-April.
In these months they give birth to their offspring, which immediately rise to the surface to show us their first breath, an unforgettable view.
Cetaceans do not mind all the boats full of tourists (small “pangas” with a dozen people each). On the contrary, they are easy to be watched, approached, and even touched.
Some tourists can even kiss and hug them at times.
They jump, they blow, puppies follow their mothers trying to protect them by swimming next to them. Oftentimes puppies rise the surface and take a look around. They are just as curious as our children.
They look for visual contact, and it is a great emotion to see them emerging on the surface, breathe and meet their gaze.

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