mangroves of baja california

Throughout the world, coastal wetlands are an important part of the habitat for every territory, providing nourishment for the small creatures of the ocean as well as a natural nursery for young fish and marine invertebrates.
On the Gulf Coast and the Southern Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, many of these wetlands are bounded by shrubs and trees called Mangroves.
It is possible to visit mangroves both by boat and by car, especially along the Pacific coast.
As you can imagine, being an area where fishermen often hang around, the streets are unpaved, but, with due care, you can reach really exciting places, where marine and terrestrial life seem to pass the torch.

Mangroves Of Baja California: An Essential Role For The Territory

The mangrove wetlands provide the habitat and the main nesting and migration sites for hundreds of birds.
Here you can easily spot the majestic Gray Herons, or the procellarie in search of small meals in the muddy sand after the tides.
Mangroves also support vast coastal food nets, provide coastal stability, erosion prevention and storm protection.
Mangrove forests act as an interface between land and sea, capture sediments and alluvial materials, thus stabilizing the rise of the Earth and promoting the accumulation of new sediments in tidal areas.

Baja California Mangroves: Threatened By Man

Mangrove forests have weathered strong storms and tidal changes for millennia. What they are currently facing is a modern hazard made of liquid and solid waste.
All of this makes the mangroves of Baja California one of the most endangered natural habitats in the world, causing their rapid extinction.
Seeing birds recover these materials – mainly plastic – to build their nests, for those who love nature and this beautiful territory, is really heartbreaking.

Several organizations and many volunteers in Baja California, including primary and secondary schools, are dedicated and passionate to the cleaning of this extraordinary habitat, thus promoting the growth of ecological awareness in an area which must be protected and treasured.

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