Espiritu Santo Island 

You can not experience the beauty of La Paz, the main city and capital of Baja California Sur, without taking a boat trip to the marine park of Espiritu Santo Island.

Espiritu Santo Island Is A Natural Paradise To Protect And Enhance

Protected by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, Isla Espíritu Santo and its archipelago was sold to the Mexican government in 2003.
Thanks to the commitment and cooperation of many non-profit organizations, it was able to collect the remarkable amount of 3,000,300,000 US Dollars to repay the former owners when the Island was bought; it has become the natural paradise it is today.

Espíritu Santo Island is 12 miles long and 3.15 miles wide; it is where you will find dozens of wonderful bays, plenty of sea life, land reptiles, birds and amphibians.
This desert of over 9,000 hectares is one of the best-preserved ecosystems in all of Baja California Sur, and can boast five species of mammals and reptiles among which the bassariscus, the black-tailed hare, very similar to the raccoon, and a type of ground squirrel originate from.
Isla Espíritu Santo is an enchantment for biodiversity; the only creatures that can claim this land as their own are the sea lions, races, dolphins, turtles and, at certain times of the year, the gray whales and the gray sharks.

An Ancient Beauty

Archaeologists have found evidence of the passage of man on this island as early as 40,000 years ago.
Its colors, both out of the coast and in the bays, are the result of a sedimentation process that developed through the centuries giving the land its peculiar lay, where black lava alternates with the pink hues of the volcanic ash.
This also makes the interior of the island wonderful, especially for those loving hiking, thanks to beautiful trails that wind through small canyons of pink rock, giving breathtaking views on the bays of fantastic shades of blue.

Activities to be carried out on the island:

It is possible to visit Espíritu Santo Island only through a special permit and with the help of selected operators, with whom you can live exciting experiences:

  • swim with sea lions
  • kayak
  • snorkel and dive
  • trails along the desert
  • take a boat ride and enjoy the spectacle of dolphins and Mobula Mantas jumping out of the water, as if they were saying hello

The Baja California Travel team, with a special permit, can carefully design camping holidays for one or more nights.

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