Baja California Mexico

Baja California Mexico means pristine nature, a sea full of life, desert, millennial cacti, breathtaking sunsets and the wonderful whales that migrate to this peninsula every year.

Espiritu Santu Island

In this Unesco World Heritage site, protected for its biosphere, you will experience what it means to meet the extraordinary sea-life of the Sea of Cortez.  You will come face to face with sea lions, Mobula Mantas, turtles, dolphins and the extraordinary coots and pelicans around its marvelous white beaches.

Desert Meet The Sea

Baja California is one of the few places in the world where the magic of the desert meets the sparkling turquoise sea. You’ll enjoy lively white beaches, dirt roads along the deep blue Sea of Cortez, and endemic wild flora in the West on the endless Pacific Ocean.

Marine Parks

In Baja California, you will be wrapped in natural beauty. In addition to the very famous Espiritu Santu Island, you will enjoy islands and marine parks with white beaches and a luxurious sea life. This includes a pelican colony and habitats of other species of birds for you birdwatchers.


Pristine Beaches

Baja California features a 1,850 mile coast on the Sea of Cortez along the East side of our peninsula, most of which is uncontaminated and of extraordinary beauty. To reach some of this coastline, you need to cross the desert where the blue of the sea is always within reach.

History Of Baja California

The Spanish missions in Baja California were a large number of religious outposts established by Catholic religious orders, the Jesuits, the Franciscans and the Dominicans. They were planted between 1683 and 1834 to spread the Christian doctrine among the Native Americans or Indians living on the Baja California peninsula.

Meet The Wonderful Whales Of Baja California

Thousands of people travel all across the globe every year to live the emotion of our unique whale show. Baja California is one of the finest places in the world to experience this unforgettable performance and come in direct contact with these unbelievable sea mammals.

Baja California Desert

Baja California has a unique desert, with the most interesting types of cacti accompanying you throughout the entire territory. They tell very old stories, since many of them are more than a hundred years old.

Mangroves Of Baja California

Lagoons in Baja California provide the right habitat for mangroves. Mangroves are peculiar trees that are highly specialized in consuming brackish water from the lagoons along the coasts, or the salty water from the sea. The excess of salt is drained through glands on the leaves which sweat salty water. Many animals and sea creatures live in such a habitat.

Swim with the Whale Shark

Baja California is one of the places of reproduction and migration of these harmless and wonderful fish.

The Immense Pacific Ocean

The view and the strength of the Pacific Ocean with its colours will completely take your breath away. Desert beaches for miles will delight and astound you.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is one of the most interesting places in Baja California, or maybe even in Mexico! Featured in the “Pueblos Magicos” family, this small town is a very interesting mix of local people, including fishermen, surfers, artists and new-age aficionados.

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is one of the few coral reefs in North America. Cabo Pulmo has been increasing its wonderful marine fauna by 400% for more than 20 years. You can snorkel or dive by wrapping yourself in the thousands of colours in the Sea of Cortez.