Baja California Beaches

When you take a trip to Baja California, remember to bring along some beach towels, sunglasses and sunscreen. The Baja California beaches are there waiting you. Most of them are deserted, with their intense colors giving you feelings of profound freedom.
Not all of them are accessible without a minimum of equipment and a bit of off-road experience, but the quantity of immaculate beaches will leave you in awe.

Deserted Beaches And Wild Nature

Baja California remains one of the few places in the world where you can still experience wild nature. It is not a cliché or a slogan to attract visitors, it’s the simple truth.

The most beautiful and famous beaches around La Paz are Balandra, Tecolote and Playa Tesoro, but if you want to experience something unique, then you have to explore the territory. Reaching these deserted beaches and remote spots are areas that the natives are oftentimes not aware of; they are places only those who dare looking for extreme adventures can go.

The huge beaches of Baja California can be divided into two categories:

  • Beaches along the Pacific Coast;
  • Beaches of the Sea of Cortez.

Although it may appear to be a mere geographic distinction, the West and the East coasts cause very different emotions. On the one hand is the strength of the Pacific, on the other the reassuring tranquility of the inland sea, with its crystal clear, magnificent waters.

The Deserted Beaches Of Baja California: Sun, Sea, Margaritas And Ceviche
Baja California, with its beautiful beaches, is the perfect place to relax while soaking up the sun, snorkeling and, where possible, sip a lovely Margarita or sample a plate of Ceviche, a seafood specialty of the area.

Lying on the clear sand, staring at where the sea meets the desert, you will feel as part of all this beauty.

We have intentionally not mentioned the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, because they no longer represent the true nature of Baja California, having become part of the United States at the tip of the peninsula.
But those who like luxury won’t be disappointed.

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